Creative Artworking

I have been creating accurate, repro-ready artwork files from design visuals and brand guidelines on a daily basis for over 10 years. My experience of printing processes and ability to work closely with designers and account managers allows me to develop and fulfil

a printed piece, or whole campaign successfully and smoothly, through to its completion. My technical skills, coupled with my eye to detail and creative ability, ensure that my print work reaches the best possible conclusion ahead of the deadline.
My artwork files are thorough and well structured, using layers and style sheets wherever possible.
I am well organised to help enable a smooth
workflow and can quickly adapt to company’s
organisational methods.

I am fully confident in the following
artworking disciplines:

  • Layout and typesetting
  • Complex cutter guides
  • Language versions
  • Interactive / downloadable PDFs
  • Amends

Please take a peak at my portfolio to see some of my gooseartworks!